The Law Firm Gattoni has acquired a specific competence and experience in family law.

In this context, their assistance extends to separation and / or divorce (both joint and judicial) practices, including the revision of these agreements, as well as issues relating to offspring and foster care of minor children.

In this sector, in which disputes arise not between strangers but between family members and, as such, can have serious repercussions on personal and psychological level, it is paramount for Studio Gattoni to achieve a good-natured composition of the separation or divorce, urging the dialogue between the parties, avoiding useless fury and working to pursue the solution most suited to the family serenity and, in the presence of minors, to the well-being of the latter.

In fact, too often one yearns to “win” in court, without considering that the causes dictated by mere feelings of revenge end up to be defeats and have damaging consequences for everyone.

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